Sunday, September 19, 2010

E-Book Now Available for Purchase

The E-book is now available for purchase here ----> The e-book can be previewed for free on the site. Go ahead and take a look, I know you won't be disappointed with what you read. The e-book is available in quite a few formats to be compatible with any digital readers you may have, and it can also be downloaded to be read on your laptop.

If you have any questions or are interested in buying a hard copy of the book, feel free to contact me at, or you can contact me via Twitter at @JSmith2523.

Or to hear more information about the book and myself feel free to tune in to my radio interview on Tuesday September 21 @ 8pm on

I've also recently found out some great news, I'm VERY excited about it, but I just can't share it yet. I'll be releasing the news very soon though.

Remember.....................You're Worth It!

J. Earl Smith

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