Saturday, October 23, 2010

Good News

With the way things have been going lately at work.....I've been extrmely stressed out....but I have a new motivation at this point. My wife went to the doctor Thursday to do a pre-screening, basically to let us know if there seemed to be any possible problems with our baby. I'm glad to say that everything is looking good. The doctor is pleased with the growth of the baby, vitals look good, and the baby was moving around alot during the ultrasound.

I can barely contain my excitment about this baby while I'm truly wishing for a boy.....knowing that the baby is growing great news for the time being. Based on the doctor's assessment....Rachel is slightly further along than the previous doctor estimated....which means the due date has been moved up. She's now expected to be due on May 3rd. Our next visit will be in late which time we'll be able to find out the sex of the baby.....I want to know.....Rachel doesn't....she wants to be surprised. So once I know what the sex of the baby is....I'll be posting that information on here for everyone to know.

Below is the most recent ultrasound picture. It's amazing how the baby develops....and at only 12 can see the formation of the arms and legs....and if you look can see the facial features beginning to form. I'm not sure if you can tell or not.....but having this baby has awakened inside me an even stronger desire to be the best father I can possibly be. Check out the picture.

Remember......."You're Worth It"

J. Earl Smith
@JSmith2523 on Twitter

Thursday, October 14, 2010

"You're Worth It" On Sale Now

Get your copy of the great new book, "You're Worth It". On sale now at Use coupon code NQ98N upon check out to receive a discounted price on the download of the e-book.

If you know anyone who's been through a tough relationship situation, or is currently going through a rough patch in the relationship department. This is the perfect gift to help lift their spirits and help them get back on the road to relationship redemption.

We all deserve to know our true worth....and this book is designed to help any and everyone determine what their true worth really is.

Remember......You're Worth It!

J. Earl Smith
@JSmith2523 on Twitter

Monday, October 4, 2010

Limited Time Only

For a limited time only......the new book "You're Worth It" can be downloaded at a discounted price on Before checking out, simply use coupon code: SC96K and get 10% off your purchase.

This deal is only valid until October 31, 2010.

Having relationship issues???
Want to know how to get over that EX???
Need to re-evaluate your relationship???
Worried that your partner may be cheating on you???
Unsure whether the relationship is LOVE or LUST???

The guide to help you answer all those questions and more has arrived....but don't hesitate in buying and miss out on the savings.

Even if you don't need it for yourself, I'm sure that you know someone who could use this book. Be a friend....act today and save.

Remember.......You're Worth It!


J. Earl Smith
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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Exciting News

A few days ago I said that I'd be releasing some very exciting news. Well, here it is.

As of receiving confirmation 2 weeks ago....I'm proud to announce that I'm going to be a father. Words just can't express how happy I am. I've thought about getting to this point in my life for a very long time. And now that it's finally here it doesn't even feel like it's real.

As of today, my wife is 2 months and a day and according to the doctor....."we're looking great so far."

I'll keep everyone posted as things go along throughout the pregnancy and give updates. Here's the ultrasound picture from today. In the picture, the doctor placed 2 X's to show where the baby begins and ends. The baby is laying on it's side, and it's head is the little round spot to the left and if you look can see the beginning of the formation of an arm toward the top.
As I said, I'm very excited.....and I'll be updating everyone as thing progress further.
For me......getting to this day......was worth it!!!!
Remember Your Worth!!!!!
J. Earl Smith

Friday, September 24, 2010

Authors First Radio Show Interview

Recently I was given the opportunity to be interviewed on a live radio show in regards to my new book entitled "You're Worth It". It was an hour long live radio interview about my upbringing, my new book and inspiration for writing it, and my opinions on various relationship topics. The interview was completely live and unscripted. The host made up the questions as the interview progressed and I answered all his questions on the fly. It was an amazing opportunity, one that will never be forgotten. And an opportunity that will never be forgotten.

This link will take you to the Artist First Archive page, which is listed in alphabetical order by guest last name. Scroll down to J. Earl Smith, and click the name....that's my show. I hope everyone is able to take the time to listen to my interview. And to those who do, it's very much appreciated.

The book is available in multiple e-book formats that are compatible with any laptop or any digital book reader (kindle, ipad, etc.). For more information on the book, myself, or to buy a copy please go to

Remember............You're Worth It!

J. Earl Smith

@JSmith2523 on Twitter,

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Interview on Artist First Radio Went Great

I had my interview tonight on And I have to say that it went better than I imagined it would. I got the opportunity to voice my opinion on quite a few relationship issues that many of us face. Talked about my own relationship experiences, what my motivations were for writing my new book and where the book can be purchased.

The interview should be available in the archives section on in the next few days. Once it's up, I'll be putting it on here.

This was a big step for me today. And hopefully....only the first step of many to come.

Remember......You're Worth It.

J. Earl Smith
@JSmith2523 on Twitter

Sunday, September 19, 2010

E-Book Now Available for Purchase

The E-book is now available for purchase here ----> The e-book can be previewed for free on the site. Go ahead and take a look, I know you won't be disappointed with what you read. The e-book is available in quite a few formats to be compatible with any digital readers you may have, and it can also be downloaded to be read on your laptop.

If you have any questions or are interested in buying a hard copy of the book, feel free to contact me at, or you can contact me via Twitter at @JSmith2523.

Or to hear more information about the book and myself feel free to tune in to my radio interview on Tuesday September 21 @ 8pm on

I've also recently found out some great news, I'm VERY excited about it, but I just can't share it yet. I'll be releasing the news very soon though.

Remember.....................You're Worth It!

J. Earl Smith

Monday, September 13, 2010

Tune in September 21

Tune in September 21 at 8pm on to hear my live interview about my new book, "You're Worth It". I'll be discussing the book, my inspiration for writing it and how everyone can come to realize their TRUE WORTH.

Again, the interview will be on Tuesday September 21 at 8pm on If anyone is unable to catch the show live, the recording will be made available in the archives on If anyone has any questions for me during the interview or anytime thereafter, feel free to email me at or find me on Twitter at @JSmith2523.

Remember......You're Worth It!

J. Earl Smith
@JSmith2523 on Twitter

Saturday, September 11, 2010

UCF Rolls Over South Dakota

The UCF Knights wore down the South Dakota Coyotes by running all over them in the first half. The second half was much of the same thing, with UCF, led by Quarterback Rob Calabrese running all over the Coyotes (literally). For a more in depth look at the game....check out my article on Follow the link below......

UCF's next game is Saturday September 11 at Bright House Networks Stadium in Orlando, FL @ 7:30pm. They'll be taking on the North Carolina State Wolfpack, who won their season opening game last week in commanding fashion....demolishing the Western Carolina Catamounts by a score of 48-7.

Saturday's game between UCF and NC State should be a good one, in which I think both defenses are going to have their hands FULL! If you're able to watch it on TV in your area.....I think you should.

J. Earl Smith
@JSmith2523 on Twitter

Monday, September 6, 2010

As If Things Couldn't Get Any Better

I've been asked to cover the University of Central Florida college football for this season. I'll be attending all their home games, sitting in the press box and writing game articles for .

I went to my first UCF game this past Saturday and it was definitely a fun experience....which was made even better because I was able to sit in an air conditioned press box instead of in the 88 degree heat with the sun glaring down on me.

The article has gone for editing and should be up on in the next day or two. Once it's been edited and is up on the website....I'll be posting the link here.

I'm excited about this opportunity and what this could actually lead to. I'll keep you all posted.

J. Earl Smith
@JSmith2523 on Twitter

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Does It Really Take A Man to Raise A Man???

That's a question I've heard a lot of people on talk radio sharing their opinions on over the last month or so. I must say that I'm shocked with what I've been hearing. It's been the overwhelming opinion of many people that it indeed DOES take a man to raise a man. I guess my personal experience is what causes me to greatly disagree with that opinion.

My brother and I were raised by our mother, by herself. My biological father (whom I've never actually met) decided he didn't want to be a husband or father anymore while my mother was pregnant with me and my brother was a few months from turning four years old. So in reality....what could he possibly teach me about being a man? What could he possibly teach me about raising and caring for a family? What could he possibly teach me about being a loyal and devoted husband?


He's not a any sense of the word. He's less than a man....he's a COWARD! There's no other way to put it! And that goes for any other man out there who has the mindset that raising a child is the woman's responsibility! As radio personality Charlamagne (@cthagod) says on Twitter.....UNLAME YOURSELF!!!

Most people who feel that it takes a man to raise a man are primarily speaking from the standpoint of being raised with a father in their home. So they're just speculating that it's absolutely necessary for a father to be in the home. I can tell you for one thing...with absolute certainty that it DOES NOT take a man to raise a man! Sure it's great to have a father or male influence in a young boys life to help raise him and teach him the difficult lessons....and that is ideal. But let's not say that it can't be done or that a boy raised by his mother alone won't be as tough or as strong as a boy raised with both parents at home.

I take my brother and myself as primary examples. There's not a single person in this world who can come at me or my brother and automatically assume that we were raised by our mother because we're soft or something. Don't get me wrong, neither of us are thugs or anything like that, but we aren't punks either. I've been in my fair share of fights as has my brother....and we've come out pretty much unscathed (for the most part - nothing to be proud of). We've always played sports (football, basketball, we even box)....but who did we learn all of that from? OUR MOTHER!!!

I don't know about every other mother in the world raising children by themselves....but my mother was determined to not raise a couple of punks or sissies but to raise MEN! And she did that. She took us outside and taught us how to throw a football by holding the laces....the proper way to tackle so that you don't hurt yourself, the right way to spread your fingers and snap your wrist when shooting a jump shot (like you're putting your hand right in the basket). She made the determination to learn as much as she could about sports when we were young....and talking to her father and brother's to figure out the best way to discipline boys isn't like disciplining girls.

She ran our house with an iron fist....the way a father would. She sacrificed a lot of herself to make sure that we didn't grow up soft or getting bullied in school. She taught us how to defend ourselves if someone started some drama with us....she put on the gloves with us and taught us how to throw a jab....and a 1/2 combination. If we acted up....or thought we were big enough that we didn't have to listen to her anymore....that got corrected real quick....usually with a slap to the head or a straight right to the chest.

Now some will say that's not the role a woman is supposed to occupy....and I agree wholeheartedly. But if a woman is put into that situation because some "man" decides he wants his freedom....what is she supposed to do? I thank my mother every single day that she decided to put her all into raising two MEN!!! And when the time presents itself that I can take care of her for all the hard work and personal sacrifice she did and made for us......I'm going to take full advantage of it.

So does it actually take a man to raise a man? Look at my opinion I think I turned out pretty good without one....but then again ask my absentee father if my mother raised a man or not? Chances are....he wouldn't even be able to answer.....because he's not a man himself!!!

Remember......You're Worth It!

J. Earl Smith
@JSmith2523 on Twitter

E-Book on the Way

I'm currently in the process of getting my new book "You're Worth it" ready to be published in an e-book format. I'm still working out the details, but once I have everything in place and it's available for purchase....I'll let everyone know!!!!!

Other than that, I'm eagerly anticipating my radio interview on on Tuesday September 21 @ 8pm. We'll be discussing the new book, my inspiration for writing this book and my future endeavors.

Again, I invite everyone to come check me out on Tuesday, September 21 @ 8pm on for my first live radio interview.

If you're having a hard time in your relationship or your relationship recently ended and are looking to get some sound advice from a completely neutral can email me at or you can find me on twitter at @JSmith2523.

Hope to hear from you soon.

J. Earl Smith
@JSmith2523 on Twitter

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Guest Post

I'm proud to announce that I've gotten the opportunity to write a guest article on a great blog..... It's a great blog that will interest many people.

Big thanks to my dear friend Jordanna (@Pink_PrezPR on Twitter) for allowing my voice to be heard (so to speak) through her outlet. She has a great company "Touch of Pink PR" that has some big things in the works....I'm really looking forward to working with her in the future and definitely plan on using her for all my PR needs. Good lookin out Ms. President!!!!

I have a few new ventures that I'm getting the wrinkles ironed out of....but there'll be some news on that in the very near future.

But for now.....check out my post on I think it will hit home with alot of's good practical advice that's ALWAYS been beneficial to me.

As always........if you remember nothing else......Remember You're Worth It!

J. Earl Smith
(@JSmith2523 on Twitter)

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Radio Interview

Due to a scheduling conflict my radio interview on won't be airing on Wednesday September 8th @ 7pm as I previously said. My new date and time are Tuesday September 21st @ 8pm.

It's going to be an hour long interview about my new book "You're Worth It" Volume 1, what my inspiration was for the book and how anyone who reads my book can remember what their true worth really is.

Again the interview will be airing live on on September 21st at 8pm. It's a live show with no script, so I'm not exaclty sure what the host will be asking me. I'm hoping that we might be able to open up the phone lines or answer some emails on air. It's going to be a fun and introspective look into the mind of a regular guy who believes that with common sense anyone can find and maintain a successful relationship.

Please tune in to get a good idea of who I am, what my book is all about and how you can figure out or remember what your true worth really is.

Tuesday, September 21st @ 8pm on

For relationship questions feel free to contact me on Twitter at @JSmith2523. Or if you'd rather your questions be can email me at

Remember......You're Worth It!

J. Earl Smith
@JSmith2523 on Twitter

Monday, August 16, 2010

Radio Interview coming soon!!!!

So I got some great news the other day. I'm being featured on an Internet radio show in September for new authors. It's going to be an hour long interview about my new book "You're Worth It" Volume 1, what my inspiration was for the book and how anyone who reads my book can remember what their true worth really is.

The interview will be airing live on on September 8th at 7pm. I'm not totally sure what the host of the show will be asking's a live show with no script. It's going to be fun and introspective look into the mind of a regular guy who's trying to help people find and maintain a successful person at a time. So tune in to get a good idea of who I am, what my book is all about and how you can figure out or remember what your true worth really is.

Wednesday, September 8th @ 7pm on

For relationship questions feel free to contact me on Twitter at @JSmith2523. Or if you'd rather ask a personal relationship question without it being seen by the can email me at

Remember......You're Worth It!

J. Earl Smith
@JSmith2523 on Twitter

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Volume 1 Complete!

The first installment of my series...."You're Worth It" has been completed for a little over a month and I've already started pushing and marketing the book. I have my sample copies and have begun forwarding them to various media outlets.

The idea for this book began a little over two years ago and has been accomplished through many long nights....laboring and researching to make the book the best it could possibly be....and I'm happy to say that things are starting to materialize for me. This isn't a great accomplishment or an end result....this is only the beginning for me.

I've already started on Volume 2 of my "You're Worth It" series and it should be finished and ready for distribution in the next four to six months.

I'm in the process of talking with another writer to collaborate on a fictional "coming of age" fictional novel, and with any luck we'll be able to get the rights to it bought, so that it can be turned into a movie. I know those are high aspirations and we haven't even gotten the novel written yet.....but we'll see how things go....and of course....I'll keep you posted.

For your own copy of "You're Worth It" Volume 1.....DM me at @JSmith2523 or email me at

Remember............."You're Worth It".

J. Earl Smith
@JSmith2523 on Twitter

Emotional Distance....Emotional Infidelity

Emotional distance in a relationship is a clear sign that there's a problem. Regardless of whether someone's always been an "independent" person....once in a relationship, you should see the shift from handling things on your own (depending only on yourself) to an interchange of support and encouragement between you and your partner.

If for some reason you're not feeling that may want to try to find out why there seems to be this void between you and your partner.

It's sad to say....but when someone begins emotionally distancing themselves from their's usually because they are connecting on an emotional level with someone else.(Disclaimer: This is not an absolute determining factor that someone is spending time with or getting involved with someone else....this is just to raise your awareness that you may have some things to be on the lookout for.) Some will say that they're just handling things within themselves....but internalizing doesn't usually cause someone to withdraw from their partner. Withdrawing from one's partner usually begins once they feel that partner doesn't "understand" them anymore or they're not feeling the same support they used to feel from their partner.

This is especially dangerous because this can lead to Emotional Infidelity. This is a betrayal of your partner's trust even though it's not on the same level as having an affair with physical intimacy and sex. While it doesn't necessarily break any spoken vows, it can be as devastating to a relationship as physical intimacy/unfaithfulness.

Be careful of the casual chat rooms and social networking sites....because what starts as a simple conversation on a common interest can soon turn into having a "need" to talk to that person on the other end of the computer....more than the need to talk to your own partner. The view of the person on the other end of the computer connection can become distorted and more important than the relationship you've built with your partner. Social networking sites are great if used for their intended purpose and kept in their proper place. If spending more time on your social networking site of choice is more important to you than spending time with your won't have a partner for long. Don't be naive and say it couldn't happen to you. It happens to people around the world doesn't only have to be social networking sites. This applies to emails from "old friends", co-w0rkers that we're a little too familiar with, or people we don't even know who become "friends" of ours.

Bottom line: BE CAREFUL!!! As my mom always told me...."Make sure the choices you make today....are choices you can live with tomorrow!"

Remember.....You're Worth It....but so is your RELATIONSHIP!!!!

J. Earl Smith
@JSmith2523 on Twitter

Know When You Have A Good Man!!!

This is going to be short.

A friend of mine told me a while back that his wife (that he'd been married to for a few years) decided she didn't want to be married anymore....she left him for her ex-boyfriend and left him to raise their two kids (both under 5) by himself. You have to understand that they had a rocky relationship from the start. But that's definitely no excuse to abandon your family.

They're in the process of getting a divorce now and it's an extremely sad situation. I just don't understand how someone who fought through so much adversity (her parents didn't like him) to be together and make things work....just decides "that's it....I'm done". Especially when he's one of the nicest guys I've ever known. He got her pregnant, but decided to do the right thing and take care of her and the baby (her parents wouldn't)....when he could've just decided that the baby was her responsibility...he didn't do that, even if they hadn't gotten married....he was going to do right by his child....and handle his responsibility!

This guy worked 2 jobs to provide for the family so that she didn't have to work and there could be one parent home with the kids full time. I'm not saying that he deserves a "father of the year" award for doing what he should have done....but at least he deserved to be shown some appreciation. Don't you think?

Why do baby daddy's who consistently do nothing to provide for their children but then come to their senses and actually step up ONCE....get praised like they're the FATHER OF THE FRICKIN YEAR??? While a father (not a baby daddy) who's there as a parent day in and day out gets no credit or respect? THAT'S SOME BULL!!!!

Ladies....there are good men out there who step up and handle their responsibilities! This may come off as sounding like a man who's looking for credit for doing exactly what he should be doing, IT'S NOT!!! This is just a guy trying to get women to realize what they have at home in their man.....Remember the 80/20 rule. Don't give up that great 80% for a worthless 20%.

To all those that have a good man at home, who's consistently there for them and their children....hold on to that guy and treat him right because you don't know where or when the next GOOD MAN might come along!!!

Keep you heads up and your hearts open!

J. Earl Smith
@JSmith2523 on Twitter

Friends Don't Give Friends Relationship Advice

Everyone has had a friend at some point, who felt they had "all" the answers to solve your relationship problems. Some of us may actually have been that friend at one point or another. order to change your life, you must change your lifestyle. The s**t your doing isn't working for why keep doing it?

Why do we consistently listen to our friends who are in no better relationship situation than we are to ourselves? Like, why does a woman listen to advice from her girls who either ain't had a man as long as they've known each other (although she claims she's single by choice), or a girl who's in a worse situation than she is. How about a guy who listens to his retarded friends who dare try to tell him how to "handle" his woman....while he ain't got a woman of his own, or a guy who let's his friends gas him up to confront his woman about why she's always nagging him (wrong choice).

Why do we consistently set ourselves up for failure in this regard? What ever happened to asking those in our lives who actually have something going for themselves? No one is saying that there's anything wrong with bouncing situations off your friends or asking them their opinion. buy why do we settle for the lame half-assed stupidity that comes out of most people's mouths. Wouldn't it be wiser of us to look to those who've successfully gone through what we're going through right now?

Stop listening to those who say....."Girl...if that had been me....i woulda...."Man....why your girl always trippin?" Now if you're really in a seriously messed up situation (like domestic violence or you've been cheated on) and a friend is giving you some sound advice, then there's not really anything wrong with that.

But other than that, we should be all grateful for what we do have and strive to make things better in 2010. Remember, no one can walk your path for you....not your friends, not your family....only you. Do what you feel is best for you and let no one in a worse emotional/relationship state....dictate what you should or shouldn't be doing.

You're Worth It!

J. Earl Smith
@JSmith2523 on Twitter