Friday, September 24, 2010

Authors First Radio Show Interview

Recently I was given the opportunity to be interviewed on a live radio show in regards to my new book entitled "You're Worth It". It was an hour long live radio interview about my upbringing, my new book and inspiration for writing it, and my opinions on various relationship topics. The interview was completely live and unscripted. The host made up the questions as the interview progressed and I answered all his questions on the fly. It was an amazing opportunity, one that will never be forgotten. And an opportunity that will never be forgotten.

This link will take you to the Artist First Archive page, which is listed in alphabetical order by guest last name. Scroll down to J. Earl Smith, and click the name....that's my show. I hope everyone is able to take the time to listen to my interview. And to those who do, it's very much appreciated.

The book is available in multiple e-book formats that are compatible with any laptop or any digital book reader (kindle, ipad, etc.). For more information on the book, myself, or to buy a copy please go to

Remember............You're Worth It!

J. Earl Smith

@JSmith2523 on Twitter,

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